Erectile dysfunction issues normally creep up to prevent a person from enjoying any sexual encounter they might be having. It is something that once you have, you need to get properly addressed if you are to resume your normal sexual life. There are also cases where one had taken excellent care of their reproductive organs but still gets affected by this condition. In those instances, there needs to be done something extra, just to get things back to normal working order. There have been many developments that have led to the production of various solutions to this condition, such as pills, lotion, and creams. Among them, there is the latest solution in the form of shockwaves.


Men will avoid talking about erectile dysfunction. There are many of them who suffer in silence with this condition. It is most prevalent in those who are over forty years of age, but there have been a few cases among those much younger. As they get older, most men will face it at some point. Erectile dysfunction is seen as an inability to get and keep an erection as needed for your sexual activities. The male organ may either not achieve the desired hardness, or t ma go limp just after penetration.

Of all the factors that lead to it, the resultant issue if the ineffective flow of blood into the male organ cavities. The blood coming in may be too little, or the blood may not reach the tissue, to begin with. Much as the man may feel sexually aroused, he will not be able to do much about it. Read more about penis enlargements at


The kind of shockwaves that are being suggested as the cure for this condition has nothing to do with electricity. They are acoustic waves, made by sound, that carries energy with them. These shockwaves have been used to treat conditions such as kidney stones, cardiac issues, as well as joint inflammation. Low-level shockwaves are usually targeted at the critical area. If directed towards a kidney stone, they can break it up so that it can pass out through the urinary tract. Visit this company!


In treating erectile dysfunction, the shockwaves will cause tiny microscopic tears in the male member blood vessels. The body will then attempt repair by creating new blood vessels in the afflicted area. When the new blood vessels are made, there shall be new and uninhibited channels for blood to flow into the tissue, causing them to swell up and thus achieving an erection.


This treatment at is still undergoing some research and testing to determine its effectiveness and safety for the masses. But so far, it looks to be the next breakthrough in treating this condition. Its biggest advantage is that its effects will last way longer than what pills and lotions can manage.